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MR Spring Summer collection 2015

Hello girls! How are you doing?
It’s Mai again from the MR store 🙂
I want to update you on all the new collection we got in yesterday!
The theme of MR SPRING / SUMMER collection 2015 is an elegant and casual style in a purple theme.
Purple will be accompanied by both black and white. We have many shades of purple ranging from violet to orchid purple.
This elegant spring themed assortment is perfect to start your MR collection this year!
We have some cute mini Boston bags in too, each with a MR designed charm and bow!
They come in three beautiful creamy light color variations.
This year baby colors are trending so, make sure to check them out!

I personally like the cream white color, it’s slightly off white, which is my favorite shade of white!
It’s great to use when you are going out for lunch with your girls or even on a date.


These are our display mannequins, featuring white with purple and black with purple color schemes!
The mannequinin white, is wearing a sheer see through sleeve top with an elegant ruffle neck dress. The dress is cut at the waist to extenuate the waist line and the hem is designed with lavender lace.
The dress also comes in a beautiful midnight black tone with lavender purple lace.
The mannequin in black is also wearing the sheer top in black, combined with a bust front lace up dress. The dress is a baby doll shape with a flare bottom, finished off with a violet purple laced hem. The dress also comes in two other colors, white with a lavender purple lace and black with  a lilac purple lace.
It’s the perfect dress to wear in summer for a day out or casual dinner occasions!

We have many more new items in the store!
Please come by and check them out!
Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this blog.  If you have any questions please contact us through our website!

Take care girls!