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Mika Takeuchi & AKIRA in ACen Chicago



Just before the fashion show and live of AKIRA and Mika Takeuchi in Acen Chicago.
Designer Mika Takeuchi with AKIRA.
o.k., we have to admit back stage is not glamour at it finest moment but there is a certain charm in the whirlwind of preparations. Perhaps the contrast itself to what will be presented in a while on the stage, though I have to admit that Akira and Mika looks quite relaxed considering I’ve just talked of storms…



Mai is with Danielle here, one more last touch…doesn’t she look gorgeous, tough moment with the hands but a lace up that have to be tied is a lace up that have to be tied, one does not fight with a lace up! (and this is a good word of advice from us that have lace up laced in their dreams..)


Tina is having her hair done, she look already so cool. Her hair colour and the blue & black dress seems to be a perfect match. Thank you for the pink Tina, and of course for the hair and make up artist.


Mika Takeuchi is arranging/re-arranging Madeline which also arrange her sleeve so there is a lot of re-arranging in this photo, we like it as it capture the spirit of pre-show time. Madeline looks really good in the wine-red and black and look at that beautiful braid. For that indeed we will raise our glasses, red wine indeed.


Tiffany, the head of hair&make up team for the fashion show and live (Thank you Tiffany!) is here with Megan. All models wear only part of their outfits when under ‘the knife’ of the make up and hair artists.. Megan seems a bit tense (the hands, the hands) but she give herself completely to Tiffany.



this photo doesn’t need words..




and here just a big thank you to every one!