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Laforet X’MAS PARTY!!

Hey girls! How are you doing today!
I hope you are doing well xx

Today I want to introduce and talk about a couple of things so the blog maybe a little long… Just a heads up!

Let’s get started!
First I obviously want to start out with our new item! Well more like a winter coordination 🙂


Mixed with MR and Tranquil & muse coordination, has a touch of gothic classy look but it is tone down into a causal style coordination!
The top is a high neck top with sheering around the neck and shoulders!

It also has a slight print so it’s great to use as a inner piece under a one piece!
The mannequin is also wearing a red burgundy color stole with pearls!

Processed with Moldiv
Sanochan is actually wearing the same dress as the mannequin but has arranged it with a hat and lacy inner top! Such a cute combination! 🙂

Now I want to move on to the chocolate exhibition!

…. I know right. Just my luck! so when I heard about this I was like I have to go so I went to go check it out!

Processed with Moldiv
The whole space smelt like chocolate… Like chocolate everything ! This is my kind of heaven haha
Have you guys ever seen the movie chocolat? If you haven’t it’s a really cute movie but every time I watch that movie makes me want to eat chocolate… So if you ever decide to watch this movie just make sure you have a bar next to you lol I promise you will need it! Haha

Oh and I want to talk about Laforet Christmas Party on December 5th! This is a invitation only event and starts from 19:00 PM!
So if you happen to be in Japan and want to check it out please come by to the store! 🙂
Customers who purchase will get an MR original X’mas cupcake! So if you have time please come by and check it out!

So inside this X’mas invitation there was a cardboard turkey leg and it looked so good.. Lol It even looks real too!
Sanochan posing with the chicken xx

Haha and eating it too!
It was quite tempting….

We hid two turkey legs in the store…. Can you find them??

Anyway that’s it for today hope you enjoyed the blog!
Stay warm girls!
Mwaaaaa!!!! Xxx